Why Chooses Thursina IIBS?
Some of the reasons for the consideration of prospective guardian santri choose Thursina International Islamic Boarding School as a place to form superior individuals:
Holistic & Balanced Education Approach
Comprehensive and balanced education system (Tahfidz, Diniyah, Academic, IGCSE Cambridge, Self Development, Sport and Entrepreneurship)
Local and Expatriate Teaching Staff
Teachers come from home and abroad
Small & Personalized Classroom
Small Class Maximum 20-25 students per class
Reputable University Enrolment Guaranteed *)
Guarantees received at reputable universities at home and abroad (* according to students' competency map)
Intensive Tahfidz Program
Program tahfidz 6 juz (30 juz for takhassus program)
Rewarding Learning Experiences
Overseas Visits, Multicultural and International Atmosphere
Modern Campus and State of The Art Learning Facilities
Modern study and campus facilities
Strong Arabic and English Environment
Strong Arabic and English speaking environment
Responsive, Hospitable Communication and Services
A fast and friendly service and communication system