About TIO

Thursina International Office abbreviated as TIO is a new work unit in the work structure of Thursina IIBS. Although this work unit is new, it has a very clear task, in realizing Thursina's vision and mission as an Islamic boarding school that excels and has international standards (a leading and world-class Islamic boarding school).

As education develops globally, Thursina through TIO wants to promote holistic and balanced Islamic education at the world level. Education that will give birth to Muslim scholars and Muslim women who have a strong Islamic personality, global perspective and become inspiring leaders. (Morally excellent, internationally minded and an inspiring leader)

In particular, Thursina through TIO offers its students, especially international students from various countries, to determine the curriculum to be taken, according to their interests, talents and desires for further study at universities around the world.

TIO also provides opportunities for its students to take part in Overseas visit programs or overseas camps in order to broaden the global knowledge of Santri so that they can be inspired and inspire the world.

In addition, TIO also helps Thursina students prepare for the continuation of their studies at the university level abroad. Both in Asia, Europe and America as well as the Middle East. The development of preparation for further studies starts from grade 11, which is followed by course registration, filing and departure to the destination university.

TIO is very aspired to be involved in the organization of international Islamic school associations, so TIO has collaborated with various international educational institutions both at the high school and university level in order to realize all the programs that have been proclaimed.

TIO is committed to continuing to strive for the progress of Thursina to become an excellent and world-class Islamic school.

Thursina International Office

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