Documents And Visa

The International Quota organized by the Thursina International Office aims to improve the learning environment with a stronger international atmosphere. In addition to learning using the full English class system, the facilities provided for international quotas are designed in such a way as to meet world-class Islamic boarding school standards.

It is hoped that with this program, students from abroad with the status of Foreign Citizens (WNA) will be interested in studying at Tazki IIBS. However, this international quota also opens up opportunities for Indonesian citizens (WNI) who live abroad or have attended formal education abroad to take part.

The document requirements for Indonesian citizens are not so complicated, there are only a few documents used for the diploma equalization process, all of which will be assisted by the Thursina International office team. These documents include:

  • Scan / color photocopy of birth certificate
  • Scan / Photocopy of Family Card (KK)
  • Color Scan / Photocopy of Passport (Identity page and all passport pages that have been used including validation pages, foreign entry stamps, and visas)
  • Scan / color photocopy of study results (raport) for the last three years. For junior high school seniors, attach report cards for grades 4,5,6 SD and for high school level, attach class 7,8,9 SMP report cards.
  • Scan / color photocopy of the last level diploma.
  • Scan / color photocopy of the last diploma grade transcript
  • Certificate of completion of study/completion letter from the school of origin
  • Attach a certificate from the representative of the Republic of Indonesia in the country of origin (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia / Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia).

As for foreigners, the above requirements are more or less the same, including:

  • Copy/scan of all pages of passport
  • Copy/Scan of birth certificate
  • Completion certificate of last education
  • Score Transcript of last education
  • Copy of last three years study reports
  • Letter from Indonesian embassy or Consulate General explaining the last education.
  • Foreign students before going to Thursina will also have to apply for a Student Visa at the Indonesian representative in that country. The management will be carried out by the Thursina International Office with the visa fee being charged to prospective students. For more detailed information, please contact Thursina International Office.