This program focuses on the ability to read, memorize, translate and understand the Koran al-Kariem. Students will be divided into several small groups and accompanied by hafidz or hafidzoh. During the study period students will be able to read the Koran with a good and correct reading standard (Tahsin), memorize at least 3 juz of the Koran and translate and understand the interpretation of selected letters.
As the core curriculum of Thursina, Islamic Foundation focuses on strengthening aqeedah, akhlaq, understanding of jurisprudence and the practice of daily worship. Students will be given guidance in the form of forums in the classroom, general tausiyah, group discussion forums (halaqoh) and daily worship practices.
This curriculum refers to the content standards that have been set by the national education office with the main objective of developing the logical-intellectual, affective and psychomotor abilities of students. In the learning process, teaching materials will be integrated with Islamic concepts and values so that students are increasingly aware of the greatness of Allah SWT.
After being officially registered as one of the Cambridge Centers in Indonesia, Thursina adopted an international curriculum with the main goal of students having international qualification standards through the ICGSE and AS level exams, good command of English and high self-confidence so that they have wider opportunities to continue to higher education. further education both at home and abroad.
This language program aims to develop students' Arabic and English language skills. With a practical curriculum and an active and strong language environment, students are expected to be able to use Arabic and English both in daily interactions and for learning and global information seeking purposes.
This program is a program that contains several elective specialization subjects to develop the potential and careers of students including scholars, CEO, professional, Entrepreneur, and Sciencepreneur majors.